“None of us is as smart as all of us.” –Ken Blanchard


David Knight


David has been a business software consultant since 1990 and loves using creative technology to help business leaders run smart, efficient companies. Located in Los Angeles, he leads our team of passionate staff. He is a Platinum Member of FileMaker Business Alliance, a FileMaker certified developer and has designed and built hundreds of applications in dozens of industries. He is skilled at the strategic view, helping to translate complex thoughts into simple terms, and extracting the maximum amount from strong teams. David is founder and a current board member of the esteemed “FileMaker Developers in Southern California” (FMDiSC) group, the largest group of its kind in the world. He is a popular speaker at technology and business events and has presented over 20 sessions on a wide variety of topics at the annual FileMaker Developer Conference. He is currently on the Burbank Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and is active in the local business community. Formerly a radio DJ and record producer, David loves spending time with his wife & dogs, collecting eclectic music and exploring Southern California on his bike.




Chris’s background includes a 10-year career in production management and budgeting in the film, television, post-production and visual effects industries. Chris transitioned to computer software at a major computer game company. While there, he honed his interface design skills, enabling him to build intuitive user experiences into business software systems. The applications Chris designs at Angel City, deliver tremendous ROI to customers, often paying for themselves many times over. He is also an expert at the process of custom development and an excellent “trail guide” for our new customers. He is an avid bike rider and a passionate photographer; some of his photos adorn the walls at ACD...and this website.




Bill’s mantra is, “To the user, the interface IS the application.” This is apparent when seeing how Bill crafts simple applications with powerful processes below the surface. Bill’s ability to bridge the gap between business and technology comes from years of design and development with a broad range of web and database platforms. Angel City’s “Digital Guru” is certified in Oracle database administration and development, FileMaker Pro, and UNIX system administration. He is a strong web application developer and has a hunger for new technology that solves customer problems. Bill’s past includes time spent as a record producer, audio engineer, marketing executive, web/graphic designer, voice actor and photographer.



Angela is an integral part of almost everything at ACD, adeptly handling strategy planning, contracts, project documents, purchasing, scheduling, bookkeeping and marketing for our busy office. She also provides assistance to our new customers, handles project management and is our “white glove” tester of new systems. She is a rare catalyst for our entire team, where her efforts help improve everyone else at ACD. Angela's past experience as an actress, writer, and recruiter allow her to bring smarts and creativity to everything she does. Outside of work she practices the craft of Reiki and Tarot. She also loves to spend time with family, her husband and her puppies, Harry and Loki.




Joe has broad experience and has worked at such companies as Disney, Amgen, and CRESST/UCLA, managing critical business applications. Joe is FileMaker certified and also works with a variety of other technologies like Access, SalesForce and Zoho. He has designed and built systems for dozens of industries but has become particularly expert in entertainment, fire departments and membership organizations. Joe is known for his rock-solid customer service and his clever problem solving skills…that often leave the rest of the ACD staff in silent awe. On the side, Joe has written, directed, produced and acted in a number of feature films and shorts. He is also an accomplished magician.




Jake comes to Angel City from an account management background at Apple Inc., where his sharp skills produced an impeccable customer satisfaction rating. He has a passion for creating innovative designs that provide exceptional user experiences. He believes that great design means a thousand no's to get to a single yes, and is responsible for the system that won ACD a FileMaker Excellence Award for Design of the Year. Jake is passionate about helping customers realize effective mobile strategies, and has a voracious appetite for learning new technologies. In addition to his love for the digital world, Jake enjoys music production, water/snow sports, and traveling.



Talia is a master developer and intuitive design champion, having created solutions for giants like Technicolor, Disney and Sony. She has over a dozen years of experience with databases, PHP, XML and other tools. She is a key cog in the ACD machine. Talia understands that successful solutions depend on various team inputs: technical, sales, marketing, management, etc. Her ability to blend these inputs for a strong final result is Talia's superpower. She has also grown into a passionate project manager. She isn't all business though - Talia adores Legos, is an avid animal rights advocate, and loves exploring LA with her 10-year-old daughter, Eden.



Julia brings a skilled background in graphic and web design to her work as a superb consultant. She received a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Art from the University of California San Diego and has extensive experience designing systems for the non-profit, fine art and education sectors. Julia specializes in effective interface design and she helps the entire crew at ACD create applications that are inviting and friendly. She is a FileMaker Certified developer and plays in PHP and other web technologies. Julia also has a hand in a developing ACD's internal systems. She can be found in her down time pursuing painting, sculpture, music and her cats.



Arman has five years of experience in professional development with wide range of technology skills including PHP, Java, Ruby, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, Apache, HTML, CSS, XML, AJAX, etc. He has a passion for connecting desktop applications with web applications using various arrays of technologies. He has a BA and an MA in Information Systems and Management. Arman loves finding creative solutions to new problems, and using the right technology as a tool for the job. He likes singing and playing volleyball. Legend has it that sometimes he does both at the same time.



Brian has over 10 years experience in the FileMaker world starting in the public education sector, before moving into the health-services industry at United Healthcare. His skills at creating speed and efficiency in a system is cutting edge. Brian has created this efficiency for large school systems, non-profit organizations, and the biggest health insurer in the world ( UHC ). No system is too big or too complicated for this under-the-hood wizard. His skills in working with enormous systems is a plus for the entire ACD team. In his spare time, Brian enjoys international travel and exploring new cultures around the world.



Amanda is a California native with a passion for art and travel. She is a proud alumni from Woodbury University in Burbank with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree specializing in Graphic Design. Previously Amanda was part of the business team at Apple where she enjoyed building and maintaining strong relationships with local entrepreneurs by supporting their technology-related needs. For several years she was also involved in the film/entertainment industry as a marketing and social media manager for well-known studios such as Warner Bros, Universal and ABC. Outside of ACD, Amanda is a fitness fanatic and enjoys attending electronic music festivals worldwide.



Dave has been working with FileMaker since it was a mere Version 2 in short pants. He is an out-of-the-box thinker who uses his music and acting careers as cover for his inner math geek. Before joining ACD, Dave had developed customized FileMaker systems for clients ranging from schools and music venues to Billboard Magazine and JPMorgan Chase. In his spare time, Dave writes songs, records albums, appears on TV shows, and pumps out scintillating newsletters for the esteemed “FileMaker Developers in Southern California” (FMDiSC) group, the largest group of its kind in the world.




Norman is a passionate, customer-focused professional with over 15 years’ experience in Information Technology, and has been responsible for building multiple Apple reselling and service businesses. Norm is a caring individual with degrees in both Psychology and Business, and uses his “client whisperer” skills at ACD to assist with lead generation, sales, partnership development, customer relationship management and negotiation. He is never happier than when he can bring good partners together to solve business technology issues. In his spare time, Norm is ardent photographer and a long-time board member of the Los Angeles Digital Imaging Group.



Angie received a BA in Architecture from Berkeley and an MFA from the California Institute of Arts, so her ideal software designs are a blend of elegant user interface and creative problem-solving. Growing up in a household where both parents were scientists, she has some pretty serious math & calculation chops. She's a technical Swiss army knife, proficient in FileMaker Pro, Access and other products and loves getting non-related programs talking to each other. In her free time, she's either roasting her own coffee beans, competing in dog agility, or collecting exotic teas on her trips to China.




Deborah Norton-Kertson has been building systems in FileMaker Pro since 2003. Deborah is dedicated to creating beautiful, intuitive, custom software that unlocks the true value of any business. She believes software should be elegant, fun and enhance the work experience rather than overtax the brain. She has developed software solutions for a wide variety of business models including patient intake, surgery tracking, manufacturing, higher education, accounting, marketing, event planning, point of sale and inventory tracking. She is a certified FileMaker Pro developer and lives in Portland, Oregon.