Child Advocacy

One million members promoting children & education

Tracking & Reporting

Schools, officers, members, dues, & demographics

Seamless Connectivity

Data flows between website, database, & accounting

Working Together, For Children

For over 120 years, the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) has worked towards making every child’s potential a reality by engaging families and advocating for children. The California State PTA manages 20% of the nation’s PTAs, with thousands of schools, and over one million members. Since 2004, Angel City Data has partnered with the organization to revolutionize their workflows in areas of membership dues, school demographics, program goals, and special awards and certificates. The system’s powerful reporting engine allows leadership to view trends and determine the effectiveness of their various programs. The system also features integration with their website and accounting package to speed the flow of data, eliminate manual re-entry, and minimize data entry errors. The system has reduced over 20,000 hours of manual data entry from their previous methods.

Less Attention On Keyboards. More Attention On Kids.