Everyone knows Iron Mountain as the global giant in records storage and document shredding. But Sun Records, the JFK Presidential Library, and The Military Women’s Memorial think Iron Mountain “shreds” at restoring their historical audio and video recordings.

Iron Mountain Entertainment Services (IMES) is a specialized division that works with their clients to carefully digitize, preserve, access, and monetize valuable multimedia assets. They specialize in restoring, preserving, and transferring different kinds of physical and digital content including vintage film and video, master recordings, and source negatives. When Angel City Data was introduced to them, IMES had a fractured workflow with many disconnected apps, scattered spreadsheets, and multiple points of data re-entry. They also lacked a consistent workflow between their facilities in Los Angeles, New Jersey, London, and Paris. This made it difficult to evaluate load balancing between locations, use consistent pricing and estimates, and see global reporting. 


Like IMES with old recordings, at Angel City Data we feel it’s our job to digitize and preserve a client’s workflow, modernizing the tool while preserving the organization’s intent. Our team has almost legendary experience in the media, archival, and post-production worlds, making us a perfect fit for the group at IMES. Lead by ACD Technology Director Chris Jackson, the ACD team were able to create a modern application that increases user productivity and manages a wide variety of IMES’s needs:

Client Tracking

Work Orders

Estimates & Quoting

Inventory & Supplies

Project Tracking





The system also has many unique features that were meticulously crafted:

A clean, intuitive interface, making the system easy to operate for a large and diverse group of users.

Multiple languages - the system automatically sets all screens to the users preferred language.

Full integration with Form Stack, allowing digital client approval and signatures on work orders.

Client-specific pricing provides rate cards tailored to each client’s history.

Full barcode scanning and logging for fast and accurate media movements and traceability throughout its lifecycle.

Keeping Remote Teams - Together

Organizations with remote teams often struggle to create a uniform workflow that makes sense to all. ACD worked closely with the international teams at IMES to blend the various needs of engineers, studio managers, and executives from three different countries into a single, homogenous application. Despite the different regions, terminologies, and languages, they can now all work together as one consistent team.

What does the future hold?

The foundation of their system is strong and built for future expansion. We’ll be linking up the system with the Iron Mountain corporate accounting, so that financials can flow seamlessly where they need to. We’re looking at intelligent scheduling architecture that can help spot over-burdened vs. underutilized equipment and facilities. For the executive team, ACD will be providing advanced analytics that show resource utilization, traffic, revenue, and other key performance metrics. The finishing touches will be opening the doors to their customers, with a secure, web-based portal where clients can request quotes, see project statuses, and interact with other select areas of the system.
Angel City Data has logged another success with their partnership with IMES.
You could say that when it comes to killer business apps…we shred.