“You cannot mass-produce software. You cannot mass-produce the human mind.”
–Michio Kaku

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We’re not all the same…

People don’t live in identical houses. That would be crazy.
A family’s size, activities and budget help determine the best home for them.

Why should software be different?

Pushing every business into cookie-cutter software ignores its size, activities and budget. We believe proper technology consulting focuses attention where it’s needed most and provides a superior fit. This allows organizations to work faster, more efficiently and with greater confidence. Our technology consulting helps clients work smarter by:

  • Listening to the goals of the organization
  • Identifying and preserving the company’s core values or “DNA”
  • Learning the company’s workflow and processes
  • Uncovering inefficiencies, bottlenecks and areas of congestion
  • Targeting improvements in the entry, searching and sharing of information
  • Locating places to ease burdensome tasks with smart automation
  • Pinpointing benefits for desktop, web or mobile access
  • Determining where disconnected systems can be integrated
  • Spotting where reporting and dashboards can help measure & steer
  • Factor in size, budget, expandability, performance, integration and security goals

Using these steps, our technology consulting helps match and tailor the right solution to each customer’s unique needs. It’s simply the best way to ensure that the software works the way the organization does…vs. the other way around.

Contact us for a free consultation and let’s discuss the needs of your organization and some options we can help you with.