Angel City Data, headquartered in Burbank, CA, has a simple mission: we use beautiful business software to improve people’s lives. Through our three tenants (Design, Business, and Support), we strive daily to maintain a set of high standards that consistently align us towards this mission. It’s important to us that with every step we take through the development process we are consistently guiding our clients to success.

Our benchmark for success however, isn’t limited to the design and delivery of a system. At ACD the goal is to provide consistent improvement to the overall company health. And we do this by designing solutions that solve the short-term challenges of today in ways that help support our clients’ long-term plans for tomorrow.

For 18 years clients have been able to rely on ACD’s consistent process of supporting their current and future needs. Akin to the triage approach an ER doctor uses when assessing patients, our experienced team of developers know how to analyze and prioritize a client’s issues. While accomplishing long-term solutions is always the goal, if a “patient” is bleeding out on the table, a long-term health plan doesn’t mean much! Fortunately, ACD is adept at shepherding our clients through the short-term survival mode into the long-term thriving mode. Because once immediate needs are addressed, the real work begins.

Our customers aren’t the only ones who’ve appreciated our level of support. Our consistent impact on the overall health of our clients’ companies has earned us the Software Hall of Fame Award for being the “Best in Burbank” for seven Consecutive Years. And Claris created the “Excellence Award” for Technical Support for us, the only award of its kind given in 25 years!

As we approach our second decade of service we continue to help raise the bar for our entire industry through our continuous dedication to our clients’ success. These are the consistent efforts that will pave the way for the successes of tomorrow and years to come.