Good things come in threes.

Three primary colors, three-part harmony, a great film trilogy.

Angel City Data is positively transforming the lives of people and their businesses with custom desktop, web, and mobile software through three core principles: Design. Business. Support.

De·sign: a plan produced to show the look and function of something before it is built.

Before anything is built, we focus on software designs that will accommodate and improve user workflows. A good software design is not just beautiful to look at, it also delivers multiple benefits:

Invites quick adoption

Lowers inertia to change

Reduces system training

Increases staff job satisfaction

Fierce attention to design is a cornerstone of ACD, and it has earned us the recognition of a Claris “Excellence Award” for outstanding design. Angel City Data’s Director of Design, Jake Johnson, reveals the hidden payoff in great software designs, “We believe in putting people first, with efficient, human-centric designs. Users who enjoy their software get more work done, quicker. It’s as simple as that.”

Happy, productive users.

Good for your staff, great for your business!

Busi·ness: an organization or entity engaged in commercial activity.

We can spew geek-speak like other software developers, but that’s not what keeps our clients coming back.

It’s our deep passion for analyzing existing business practices and hand-crafting new approaches that simplify and accelerate operations. Common outcomes include:

  • Streamlined data entry
  • Slashed paper use
  • Streamlined data entry
  • Reduced application switching
  • Invisible automation
  • Data sharing between systems
  • Projecting trends with reporting and analytics

These are just a few of the many upshots you can expect when working with Angel City Data.

It’s not the code, it’s the conviction.

We partner with our clients to create software that lowers workflow friction and raises client profits. We define our success by THEIR success.

It’s what our many ACD clients already know:

We mean business.

Sup·port: to give encouragement; to keep something going.

For ACD, success doesn’t start and stop with the completion of a system. Our commitment to support includes both short-term challenges of today, and long-term plans for tomorrow. It’s why so many of our clients have been with us for a decade or more.

We see businesses often undergo significant growth, industry upheaval, or directional changes that require adaptation of their processes and systems. ACD customers know that when they reach for support, they will be connected with someone:

Familiar with their company

Familiar with their processes

Familiar with their systems

Familiar with their future goals

This close partnership with every customer leads to an accumulated “shorthand”, which allows us to move quickly with them and support any needed changes. Our customers aren’t the only ones who’ve noticed. We’ve received a Claris “Excellence Award” for Technical Support. It’s the only award of its kind given in 25 years.

Come for the software.

Stay for the support.

Plat·form: a raised level surface on which people or things can stand.

Our three principles serve as an excellent foundation upon which we work to support other companies and platforms.

One of our favorite platforms at Angel City Data is Claris FileMaker. Claris is an Apple company that helped pioneer low code business software years ago. Low code platforms have seen a strong resurgence today, as more businesses strive for digital transformations that allow them to stay efficient and flexible. “Modern businesses should stay nimble. The same should apply to their software systems.” says David Knight, Angel City Data President. “The Claris platform has always enabled our team to build amazing systems for today that quickly adapt into amazing systems of tomorrow.”

Angel City Data is a hand-picked “Platinum Partner” of the Claris platform, placing us in the top tier of all Claris consultants worldwide. Imagine combining a top-notch software platform with expert craftsmanship.

No need to imagine.

You can see examples here