Their success is our success.

Shock Therapy

Before meeting Angel City Data, off-road suspension gurus Shock Therapy were experiencing a harsh ride. Their skills and services were smooth as butter, but their operations were bumpy: manual processes, inefficient clipboards, and stacks of paper. ACD worked closely with the Shock Therapy team to revolutionize their processes with a paperless tracking system that helps both the shop techs and office staff get more work done quickly and accurately. Now their successful operations have a new spring in them due to the well-oiled business app crafted by Angel City Data. See how ACD’s Jake Johnson worked with Claris FileMaker as the ideal platform to suit Shock Therapy’s fast-moving business. They are now able to run a much smoother rig and give their clients confidence that they’re on top of everything.


Pin USA is a recognized leader in collective custom pins, buttons, keychains, and other commemoratives. Their clientele are some of biggest brands in the world including Disney, Hard Rock Café, and Universal Studios, to name a few. Angel City Data’s relationship with PinUSA has been long and fruitful with collaborative efforts that always squeeze more innovation, automation, and efficiencies into their workflows. The needs and demands of an account manager, digital artist, or bookkeeper are all different. No worries. See how their “Lola” system empowers their entire staff by tracking customers, orders, artwork, quotes, invoicing, and more. All of this in a beautifully designed system that their customers frequently fawn over. See how ACD’s David Knight shares a glimpse of a seamless partnership with a GREAT customer!

Kinetic Lighting

Kinetic Lighting is an award-winning leader in lighting technology, sales, and rentals, where clients can choose from a wide variety of lighting gear to brighten up their next venue or event. At Kinetic they needed to track their equipment, their customers, and their orders. They also needed to generate quotes, contracts, and invoices as well as managing assigned equipment. David Rosen is a co-owner of Kinetic Lighting and one of those rare-breed of people who built his own software system, developing a Claris FileMaker app to run Kinetic. What he did was impressive. However, rapidly-changing business needs and technological complexity sometimes left David needing an additional set of hands. That’s where we came in. Angel City Data developer Brian Overby and others on our team have regularly been the sidekick that Kinetic relies upon, helping with the larger and deeper tasks that the ACD team was built for. This blend of DIY, along with professional assistance, can be an excellent hybrid between the lower cost of “home-built” systems and the higher quality/functionality of “pro-built” systems. We are always up to share a little of our light to help your custom built system shine.

APEX Protection Project

Apex Protection Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting wolves and wolfdogs through educational experiences, rescue, and advocacy. Angel City’s own Joe Gold made us aware of Apex’s mission and how the charity’s impact was was being diminished. Due to tracking the care and management of live animals and also the tracking and paperwork associated with any non-profit, Apex was struggling to keep up. Detailed tracking was needed to specify each animal’s diet, medications, exercise schedule, etc. Unlike many non-profits, Apex is also a 24-hour operation, with a lot of coordination and handoff between various volunteers. Angel City provided a pro-bono Claris FileMaker app, built by Joe, that Apex now uses to keep accurate, up-to-date records. This data is now effortlessly shared among Apex team members, keeping everyone in the loop on the care and condition of the pack. Watch Claris tell the story of how Apex uses the app built by Angel City Data to help save and rehabilitate these majestic animals. It’s a howling good story!

Bryan Exhaust Services

Bryan Exhaust is a fantastic company charged with the professional cleaning of greasy buildup in restaurant kitchens. When Angel City Data met Bryan Exhaust they had some workflow build-up of their own. They needed to improve their processes related to estimates, scheduling, work orders, and more. Angel City Data jumped in to lead an impressive digital transformation. Not only did we reduce their reliance on paper with a custom-built Claris FileMaker app, but we also automated their processes and streamlined their services. A key ingredient of this effort was the tailored mobile app for their technicians, allowing them to acquire their work orders in-app without physically driving to the office. In the words of the Bryan Exhaust team, having their system integrate with Claris Pro has made their entire team “…more efficient and more productive”. We can help remove workflow build-up from your business with a clean and sleek system from Angel City Data.


For years iTransport4u has been helping art lovers bring home their treasured belongings whether it’s from an art gallery across the city or a new home across the country. iTransport4U is a concierge company with a fleet of delivery vans picking up, packing, delivering, and installing fine art and antiques across the United States. This unique business requires a unique application to keep both the operations and field teams in sync. Their driver’s routes and delivery schedules are intricately built around the needs of their clientele, allowing staff to track clients, orders, payments, delivery dates, and other related information. Driver routes are predetermined and pick ups and deliveries can be added or adjusted to meet the needs of new requests. Using iPads for the drivers and real-time updates from the office saves gas, time, paper, and yes… money. Working with Angel City Data’s tailored approach was the perfect fit.