Working with cloud solutions is about the how, not the where.

Are cloud solutions for you?

Many businesses of all shapes and sizes are using cloud solutions in their operations.  A number of reasons why cloud-based computing has seen such a rise include:
  • Reduced hardware purchase/maintenance costs
  • Universal access from any device with network access
  • No physical software to download and install
  • Faster updates and patches mean you’re always using the latest version
  • Quick implementation time lets customers start working in hours vs. weeks
  • Elastic capacity, allows you to pay only for what you use
  • Expansion capabilities allow you to grow from a few users to a few thousand users
Of course not every client or scenario is a perfect fit for a cloud solution. Make sure you consult with ACD, so we can determine your specific needs and help steer you to the product or platform that works best for your organization. Below are some of the exciting cloud-based services that we like.

SalesForce and

SalesForce is almost ubiquitous with Customer Relationship Management or “CRM”. Since this product launched some years ago, it has seen meteoric adoption as millions of companies from small non-profits to the largest enterprise clients enjoy the unique benefits this product brings. One of the chief benefits is its access. Salesforce CRM is as easy to use as many of the web sites you already use. You can log in from any device and view, edit or create new content anytime you want. Another standout feature is the lack of software hassles. No servers to maintain, or software to install. Everything just works in the cloud without any updates to download.

SalesForce also allows customers to extend and customize their solutions with the powerful environment. Adding new features, leveraging third-party modules and porting custom mobile solutions are also benefits to this family of products.

ACD can help you on your SalesForce voyage, including initial migration of your legacy data, simple account and administration chores, field and screen customization and even full-blown custom development. Give us a call to consult with us about possible options.

Intuit QuickBase

This online product is one of a fun, new breed of cloud solutions and allows organizations to share essential data with the users that are important, including internal staff, vendors, customers or partners. With granular roles and permissions, some users can access limited data; others can see everything. QuickBase apps live in the cloud, so they’re accessible from any browser or mobile device and are automatically optimized for the device you are connecting with. There are hundreds of starter templates that can be easily deployed quickly. The fun begins when you start to modify a template or create a new design to match your exact workflow.

ACD can help analyze your business needs and determine if QuickBase may be a solid choice for your organization. We can work with you to select a template or create a custom design that maps to your workflow. We can create reports, add charts, and integrate with other systems to help complete your experience. Call ACD if you want to discuss QuickBase options for your team.


Sugar’s expansive deployment strategy includes options ranging from on-premise hosting to running your business from the cloud. Whether your data resides onsite or externally, Sugar offers consistent functionality and is extremely reliable. It doesn’t stop there, either. Sugar can be customized to align with your business logic and processes to scale with your growth, no matter how rapid.

SugarCRM is designed with the individual in mind, and the company at heart. It offers an intuitive user experience and helps customer-facing employees engage with their customers in an effective, friendly manner. Built-in collaborative tools open communication between departmental silos and boost overall engagement, affecting service levels and customer satisfaction. A single dashboard illuminates contextual intelligence from both internal and external data sources to arm each user with valuable insight in real time.

ACD can break down your departmental silos and connect your teams through the power of SugarCRM. From initial transition of company data to customization and extension, we can help you leverage the power of connectivity and data visualization to serve your customers more effectively.


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