The future of the industry is mobile computing.

We are Mobilization Specialists.

Tablets and smart phones that leverage mobile software solutions offer enormous opportunities to capture, access and share data in modern and innovative ways. At ACD, we’ve been thrilled with this revolution because of the positive impact delivered to our customers.

  • Providing field users with real-time access to data
  • Reducing inefficient, paper-based forms
  • Eliminating redundant data entry…and inevitable errors
  • Speeding the flow of business information
  • Saving thousands in paper costs
  • Reducing calls, emails and manual communication between office and field staff
  • Replacing bulky catalogs and binders with fast, lightweight tablets
  • Integrating signature capture, camera and other multi-media into workflows
  • Extending systems with barcode scanning, printing and other, 3rd party devices

“I’m not sure where a mobile solution can help my business.”

We have a few ideas:

  • Product / Work Portfolios
  • Track Tree Trimming
  • Power Line Maintenance
  • Field Sales Creation
  • Pulling Gear For Orders
  • Construction Job Updates
  • Fire Department Inspections
  • Car Repair Inspections / Quotes
  • Safety Audits / Checklists
  • Charity Auction Tracking
  • Equipment Rental Tracking
  • Tracking For Garden Nursery
  • Classroom Stories
  • POS / Retail Use
  • Hotel Concierge Tool
  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Concert / Event Management
  • Medical Procedures for EMT
  • Track Archeological Artifacts
  • Access Real Estate Details
  • Open House Tracking
  • Track Livestock Breeding
  • Log Operating Room Tasks
  • Pharmaceutical Encyclopedia
  • Food Deliveries
  • Truck Route Dispatching
  • Manage Filming On Movie Sets
  • Track Sets On Movie Lots
  • Warehouse Pallet Tracking
  • Student Emergency Records
  • Track Kids On Field Trips
  • Car Rental Deliveries
  • Track Eye Exams
  • HVAC Estimates
  • Inventory Computer Equipment
  • Track Software Licenses