Effective integration of tech helps customers simplify their workflow and boost efficiency.

Making “square pegs” talk to “round holes”.

Businesses use all kinds of technology, from all kinds of vendors. It allows organizations to use best-of-breed tools for each, specialized purpose. The tradeoff is that these different tools don’t always talk to each other, creating bottlenecks in your workflow and painful data re-entry.

That’s what can happen when your accounting software doesn’t talk to your time-tracking program, or your shipping/receiving software doesn’t talk to your CRM system. Systems that were supposed to make your life easier can end up making it harder.

It takes two.

Fortunately, we’ve got lots of experience making different systems talk to each other, using system integration. Want your projects database to push information to your website? We’ve got you covered. Want work orders in one system to generate invoices in another? Check. Looking for System “X” to talk to System “Y” and generate a report in System “Z”? Just ask us.