How much we care. is as important as how much we know.

Come for the apps, stay for the support.

Want us to disappear after your system is built? Sorry to disappoint you.

Long after your system is delivered, we’ll be there for you. Because we know that when business changes occur or questions arise, you need friendly, competent support. It’s why we’re still supporting our customer #1. Ditto customer #2, customer #3, etc.

Great Support.

Providing great support is difficult when a shop has a revolving door of technical staff. We don’t. At Angel City Data our impeccable staff retention means we’ve had reliable technical support and training for nearly two decades. Keeping a rock-solid team of quality people isn’t easy, but it provides our customers with outstanding continuity. This kind of commitment comes with…you guessed it…an Award for Outstanding Technical Support.

Examples of our support offerings:

  • 90 days of free tech support on all new systems
  • Free staff training on all new systems
  • Top-notch FileMaker support
  • Extended support packages available
  • Step-in support on your legacy systems
  • Step-in coverage for vacations and other short-term needs
  • Ongoing server health and performance monitoring
  • Periodic check-ups of systems and backups
  • Mentoring of in-house developers
  • Group or individual training on system use
  • Advanced user tips and tricks that can accelerate productivity
  • Meta support when you need expertise with an unfamiliar product or technology