“A one-man shop has its limitations. I frequently turn to Angel City Data when I need assistance in areas outside of my expertise—think APIs, PHP, and other systems—or when I just need another brain to help work through a thorny issue. That way, I can supplement the best I have to offer with the best from ACD. ACD’s sensitivity to client relationships and contractor politics makes it easy to bring them in without worry about my relationship with my client.”

-Steve Slater, President, HSE

Need help with a job you’re not technically ready for?
Have a new client in an unfamiliar industry?
Looking for a system babysitter for your next vacation?
Want a friendly guru to coach you on a specific technique?

At Angel City Data, we can provide extra hands—without you having to hire more staff. We’ve worked closely to supplement many corporate IT departments, assist our network of freelance IT providers, mentor in-house developers and lend extra muscle to dozens of our colleagues. Our team can supplement you with:

  • Award-Winning Interface Design
  • Custom FileMaker Web Publishing with PHP
  • Integration with API’s and Web Services (REST, SOAP, etc.)
  • Accounting integration (QuickBooks, Xero, Freshbooks, etc.)
  • Expert Mobile and FileMaker Go Design, Sync and Performance Tuning
  • FileMaker WebDirect Design and Tuning
  • XML, AppleScript, SharePoint and Plugin integration
  • Robust Asset Management
  • Advanced Data Architecture Modeling
  • Beginning to Expert Meta-consulting
  • Data Migration
  • System Integrity Review/Auditing
  • Server Setup, Configuration and Tuning
  • User Experience and Functionality Testing
  • User Training & Tech Support

We also have staff skilled in custom application development, using:

  • PHP
  • MySQL/PostGres/SQL Server
  • Javascript
  • JSON
  • HTML5
  • ASP

We regularly step in to relieve overworked IT departments, give short-term support for vacation coverage or provide ethical, white-label expertise to our colleagues.
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