In the Arizona desert you can see and hear the rumbling of many off-road vehicles in the distance. Chances are the vehicles tackling this rough terrain the best, have been modified or tuned up by popular local suspension shop, Shock Therapy.


Justin Smith (owner) and his talented crew members take pride in creating the best and most controlled ride possible for their clients. Boasting 25 years of racing experience, this team has collectively gathered an array of parts and skills that are guaranteed to make a vehicle perform at its absolute best.


This crew has a bustling YouTube channel that often hosts thrilling action sequences of vehicles blasting through the outback. Recently, Shock Therapy gave their audience a treat, taking them inside for a look at the operations of their impressive shop. This video tour by Justin (below) is centered around all the tightly integrated steps that occur when a customer drops off their vehicle to be modified. Part of their successful process hinges around their well-oiled business app, courtesy of Angel City Data.


ACD’s lead designer, Jake Johnson, chose FileMaker Pro as the ideal database platform to suit the client’s business and deployment needs. He designed this custom app, and team members Talia Gabbai, Joe Gold, and Brian Overby all contributed with their programming expertise. Needless to say, the Shock Therapy team is head over heels for it! Previously, everything was done manually, using inefficient clipboards and stacks of paper. Angel City Data has helped change all that. They worked closely with Shock Therapy to revolutionize their processes, with a paperless tracking system that helps both the shop techs and office staff get more work done, quickly and accurately.


The tour starts off with a glance at our Nimbus CRM app, customized for Shock Therapy. The app supports:

  • Job Creation
  • Inventory (products & parts)
  • Custom categories including: vehicle accessories
  • Client scheduling

In addition, you get a peek at the mobile system used extensively in the shop on iPads. The shop techs can do things like:

  • Check-in client vehicles
  • Review vehicle history
  • Collect client signatures
  • Track job statuses
  • Email updates
  • Add notes and documentation
  • Create invoices

All of this is available via iPads from anywhere on the shop floor. See the system in use for yourself!

The Angel City crew can do the same for your organization. Get in touch with us to find out more about a custom solution for your team. We love increasing profits by making apps that are streamlined and easy to use. Imagine how impressed your clients will be when they see a video of your system, managing their orders.

It could be quite a shock to your business.
(the good kind)