Claris has the entire community hyped around the release of FileMaker 19! What makes this latest software so unique? It’s the company’s first open platform version and most significant upgrade to date. This is particularly exciting for the developer community looking to continue leveraging FileMaker to create custom applications. The now open platform and growing marketplace will support 50,000 customers and 1.3 million users and growing.

Integration has been a focal point, as we all witnessed with the release of Claris Connect. JavaScript is one of the pillar technologies for modern web development. The integration of JavaScript into both Claris platforms is truly exciting! The seamless pairing generates endless possibilities for upgrading, improving and generating multiple unique database and application experiences. The amount of controls, interfaces, functions and overall richness that can be brought to the FileMaker platform through its new JavaScript capabilities, is truly inspiring.

Additional features are also available to developers including the ability to build directly into FileMaker Cloud, then instantly share the applications. Linux is being previewed as a future hosting platform, alongside the current Windows and Mac server variants. Also newly supported is Machine Learning, which brings this impactful tool previously unavailable on FileMaker. Dark mode, which has been a popular new appearance option, can now be switched on while utilizing the software, for a more modern look and feel. More iOS shortcuts have been introduced such as Siri Shortcuts (using voice command) and the ability to recognize Near-Field Communication (NFC) tags. The list of enhancements goes on and on.

As the team here at Angel City Data continue our tinkering with the latest version of FileMaker, you can expect many new and exciting tips and tricks utilizing the software here on our website! Check regularly for demos that highlight how you can maximize your implementation of the software. In addition, we will be glad to answer any and all questions about introducing FileMaker 19 to your organization! Use the contact form below to submit your inquiry.