Angel City is proud to announce the newest addition to our crew, Jake Johnson. Jake recently hails from Apple, where he was a Business Specialist at the high-volume Pasadena location. There, Jake was responsible for key account strategy and development and met customers in the store’s hidden “Briefing Room”. Jake worked closely with decision makers to provide hardware, distribute software and architect solutions to help set their companies up for success. He specialized in establishing new accounts and positioning them for growth through a process of deep discovery and relationship building. He has an appetite for technology and a keen eye for efficient software and clean designs.

“We’re thrilled to add Jake to our team,” says Angel City Data President, David Knight. “Working with him in a partnership role over the last few years has revealed his great passion for technology and excellent communication skills. We love his energy and have already enjoyed the insights he’s brought to Angel City Data.”

Jake has already started building desktop and iPad solutions for several customers and is also actively learning some web technologies. He also acts as a liaison between ACD and the many Apple Stores in Southern California.

When he isn’t at his computer he enjoys spending time with his family, music, and high stakes staring contests.

Jake Johnson can be reached at: (818) 238-0172 x 151 or