Beautiful Entertainment Software On Display At Iconic Paramount Studios Event

Angel City Data will be showcasing entertainment-industry, software products at the annual Cine Gear Expo in Hollywood on June 2-3, 2017. Crowds of over 16,000 will be descending on the storied Paramount Studios backlot, viewing the latest in technology for the entertainment industry. The event draws dedicated specialists from all major departments including Digital Media, Film, Entertainment, Post Production, Virtual and Augmented Reality and more.

Amid the collection of film drones, camera lenses and virtual reality manufacturers, you will find Angel City Data exhibiting at the center of the famed “New York Street” movie set. From their booth L201 inside a pizza cafe set, the ACD team will be showcasing business software applications that help entertainment companies dramatically improve their efficiency and productivity.

“So many of our customers utilize our systems to run their production, post production and rental facilities”, says Angel City Data President David Knight. “We just wanted to introduce ourselves to a wider audience of entertainment organizations and show how effectively they can manage their operations with apps built by former industry pros.” Angel City’s long list of entertainment clients is testament to their deep understanding of all areas of entertainment workflows. They have systems managing all phases, from the 1st script submission, through the production process and even accommodating licensing and rights management. They will be featuring over a dozen systems that help in numerous facets of production including CRM, Call Sheet Management, Scheduling, Prop & Wardrobe Tracking, Media Cataloging, Equipment Rentals, Music Cue Management and many others.

One of the key areas they will be focusing on is the addition of mobile tools to the modern production workflow. “Our customers are a mobile group by nature”, says Jake Johnson, lead designer at Angel City Data. “We love nothing better than removing inefficient clipboards from a client workflow and replacing them with tablet and smart phone systems that are powerful and easy to use.”

Angel City Data uses a variety of technology platforms for their software systems. These include, FileMaker Pro, PHP, MySQL and other industry-leading platforms. They have won multiple awards for their design and support and are currently the 2017 Burbank Small Business of the Year.

The Cine Gear conference includes an unparalleled gathering of Exhibits, Premier and Master Class Seminars, Film Festival Competition, New Product Announcements, Innovative Technical Awards Competition, Special Screening Events and more.

Event location: Paramount Pictures, Hollywood, CA

Exhibit dates: Friday, June 2, 12pm-8pm and Saturday, June 3, 10am-5pm

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