Dirty Jobs

A clean kitchen is not only a healthy kitchen, but a safe one as well. Although keeping an industrial kitchen clean can be a dirty job, dirty jobs are often the most important jobs. Such is the case of Bryan Exhaust Service, and their commercial kitchen cleaning and repair services. There are thousands of commercial kitchen fires annually, and many stem from poor cleaning and substandard maintenance. Enter Bryan Exhaust Service. They help keep our favorite restaurants and eateries sparkling clean, and safe from dangerous fires. Cleaning grease traps and removing oven build-up may not be glamorous, but any job that helps save lives is a beautiful job indeed.

Bryan Exhaust Services

Bryan Exhaust Service is a veteran-owned, family operation that has been in business for over 40 years. They continue to thrive by offering highly-trained experts along with state-of-the-art tools to ensure that kitchen hoods and exhaust systems are clean and operating at maximum efficiency. Their lead technicians average over ten years of experience in the industry. They are a dedicated team that services restaurants across Southern California and they take pride in the impact they make on a daily basis.

Exhaust-ing Habits

When Angel City Data met Bryan Exhaust, they had some workflow build-up of their own. They needed to improve their processes when it came to providing estimates, scheduling, work orders, and more. They relied heavily on printing work orders throughout the day, utilizing mounds of paper and loads of ink. They struggled with many things that other businesses struggle with:

Drowning in paper.
Redundant data entry.
Minimal automation.
Inadequate reporting.

The cost of doing nothing was actually costing thousands.

At Angel City Data, we’d heard this all before.

Fresh From the Oven

After listening and learning about Bryan Exhaust’s challenges, Angel City was able to provide a digital transformation. Not only did we reduce their reliance on paper with a custom-built Claris Pro app, but we also automated their processes and streamlined their services. A key ingredient of this effort was the tailored mobile app for their technicians, allowing them to acquire their work orders in-app without physically driving in to the office. All those hours previously spent in LA’s famous rush-hour traffic, are now spent as (billable) time working with clients.

Less gas and paper.

More time and revenue.

Why, Hello Cash Flow!

Like in other ACD systems, we created a job log dashboard, that allows the home base team and field technicians to be on the same page. Using simple taps in their mobile app, techs can now view contact information, effortlessly review work orders, get turn-by-turn directions to service locations, and review crucial job details from one, centralized place. Once onsite, all work is now processed in real time, saving everyone hours throughout their week. Fewer calls, emails, and texts between staff are happening, because updates happen everywhere in real time. Their newest mobile feature extends these benefits to their customers, allowing for the immediate receipt of completed work orders via email and SMS/MMS text message. Detailed deficiency reports are generated automatically upon the completion of every job. These reports are quickly filed and the work performed is now billed within 24 hours – compared to weeks using their previous workflow. These simple changes can dramatically improve a small business’ cash flow.

Real-time jobs list gives technicians one-tap access to customer outreach, sight location and directions, and deeper job information. Progress bars indicating job completion status give technicians confidence in knowing where things are, all the time.
Job detail screen offers technician insight into only the information they need to get their job done. Easy-to-use checklists keep track of what needs to get done, and are synced to the back office in real-time.
Easy-to-use checklists give technicians lightning fast access to document system issues. This prevents the need for typing, and enhances data integrity.
Back at the office, job status and data is seamlessly updated in real-time, so that everyone is on the same page all of the time.

In the words of the Bryan Exhaust team, having their system integrate with Claris Pro has made their entire team “…more efficient and more productive”. 

Ask us how we can help remove workflow build-up from your business with a sparkling clean system from Angel City Data.