Pack Care

A modern approach to animal management

Detailed Records

History of diets, medicines, injuries, & behaviors

Team Coordination

Animal updates broadcast to all staff

Our Pack Helping Theirs

Apex Protection Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting wolves and wolfdogs through educational experiences, rescue, and advocacy. Angel City’s own Joe Gold made us aware of Apex’s mission and how the charity’s impact was was being diminished. Due to tracking the care and management of live animals and also the tracking and paperwork associated with any non-profit, Apex was struggling to keep up. Detailed tracking was needed to specify each animal’s diet, medications, exercise schedule, etc. Apex is also a 24-hour operation, with a lot of coordination and handoff between various volunteers. Angel City provided a pro-bono Claris FileMaker app, built by Joe, that Apex now uses to keep accurate, up-to-date records. This data is now effortlessly shared among Apex team members, keeping everyone in the loop on the care and condition of the pack. Watch Claris tell the story of how Apex uses the app built by Angel City Data to help save and rehabilitate these majestic animals. It’s a howling good story!

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A Paw-sitive Impact!