Unlimited shoot locations, details, notes, & images.


Shoot or upload images right into the app.


Real-time, team access. Anytime. Anywhere.


They Say It’s Everything.

Hollywood films, television shows, and commercials are filmed at thousands of locations around the world. Need a park setting for your action-adventure chase scene? What about a tavern for your sitcom episode? If you’re a location scout, tracking the details of each location is critical to ensuring it will work for each production. Aside from just looking good for the intended shot, there are other necessities to track such as adequate parking, available water/power feeds, hours of operation, access roads, insurance, fees, and much more. Collecting this information in the field with clipboards is the traditional method, which leads to inefficiencies like costly re-entry back at the office. Using spreadsheets can also prove to be problematic, as they’re clunky handling pictures, and difficult to share data in real-time. ACD was able to solve these problems by crafting Scout Master, the location scouting app for iPad and desktop. Scout Master puts the scout back in control with locations and associated information right at their fingertips. It allows them to quickly find specific properties, review/edit any details, and add any scouting notes that are pertinent to upcoming productions. Now an entire squad of scouts can have real-time access to thousands of locations and make easy updates that are instantly shared with their team. 

Lights, Camera, Action!