What do Staples Center, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and the Hollywood Bowl all have in common? They all have spruced up their events with lights from Kinetic Lighting, in Glendale, CA. Kinetic is an award-winning leader in lighting technology, sales and rentals, where clients can choose from a wide variety of lighting gear to brighten up their next endeavor. From television and film, to live events, to illuminating an architectural masterpiece, Kinetic has everything you need.



Kinetic was founded by David Rosen in 1996. They started out as an event production company by providing production services for entertainment and special event markets. By the year 2000, they honed their craft and focused on the lighting specialty business they are today. Just three years later, Daniel Bortz and James Schipper joined Kinetic as partners with their extensive knowledge of the lighting industry, to further drive the company to new heights. Today, Kinetic is still based in the Los Angeles area but also serves clients and lights events throughout the United States. They provide lighting rentals, equipment sales, repairs, and event lighting for entertainment, corporate, industrial, and special events. They also provide turn-key production services for live events. 


David started out with the low-code FileMaker platform like many of our clients, by creating the software he needed for his business. It’s no shock to us as this platform makes it easy to start creating custom software for your business without a lot of coding experience. At Kinetic Lighting, they needed to track their equipment, their customers, and their orders. They also needed to generate quotes, contracts and invoices as well as managing the assigned equipment. Tracking just a few pieces of equipment was easy to undertake but as their company grew in inventory, staff, and demands so did their software needs. As a Claris Platinum Partner, we were up to the challenge!



At Angel City Data, we are well versed in helping companies achieve their goals by extending their software capabilities. Angel City’s senior developer, Brian Overby, states very clearly that due to Claris FileMaker’s rapid development platform, we are able to digitize paper processes with precision and speed. Angel City Data president David Knight has unique insights into the strong relationship with Kinetic, “David Rosen is not just a smart business owner, but now a seasoned FileMaker developer. He does some pretty cool stuff with their systems and periodically brings us in for consulting, advice, and a little “heavy-lifting” into deeper technical areas. It’s quite fun seeing what David has cooked up and then working with him to extend or enhance his vision.” This blend of DIY along with professional assistance, can be an excellent hybrid to the lower cost of “home built” systems, but with the higher quality/functionality of “pro built” systems.

Go follow Kinetic Lighting on social media at Twitter or Instagram where they share with you the many ways people use their equipment and services. The magic they are able to create with their lighting is a sight to be seen and will add a little color to your life.