As Angel City Data looks forward to another year, we also want to take a moment to look back. For how can we choose where to go next, without looking at where we’ve been?

Throughout 2019, growth was the common theme. We “grew” our longevity, celebrating fifteen years in business thanks to our new and existing clientele who have partnered with our team for fantastic results.

We grew our staff technical credentials, adding more FileMaker Certifications than we’ve ever had in our history. In fact, we’re now recognized as one of the top 10 firms in the nation for certifications, moving up seven positions from the previous year!

Growing Success

With a number of compelling projects, we grew some wonderful client victories. Here are just a few:

  • Delivering one of the largest, most powerful, equipment rental tracking systems, helping the client manage over 170 people across 2 countries and 8 locations
  • Designing and developing a system for an industrial repair/service company, with impressive and measurable improvements to their company metrics
  • Building a cloud-based archive for the insurance industry, that allows years of accumulated data to be used for extensive reporting and fraud prevention
  • Constructing a law firm’s time-entry system, so mobile and web users can securely link time entries with their current case-management system
  • Creating a clever job-tracking system for a vehicle accessory manufacturer, that schedules and streamlines key areas of their unique workflow
  • Crafting a mobile time-management module that we “snapped on” to a client’s existing tracking system — saving the customer over $400k annually

Growing Team

We continued growing our crew and have welcomed a new role (and team member) to ACD: Amanda Malouff is our new marketing and sales associate. Previously part of the Apple Business Team, she is stationed at our Burbank office, growing our brand and advocating for our customers. Two other notable ACD team members have been promoted into Director-level positions: Former office manager Angela Johnson has ascended to Director of Operations. She helps guide ACD strategy, business operations, and key traffic for the firm. Senior Developer Joe Gold has also been elevated to Director of Quality Assurance. Joe’s ability to help our development team deliver the highest quality proposals, software, and support are a key ingredient of ACD’s success.

Growing Influence

ACD continued growing our technical and business leadership this year. Lead designer, Jake Johnson, delivered his first presentation at the international FileMaker Developer Conference in Orlando, and the audience feedback has been stellar. Jake demonstrated how design can impact the success of businesses by creating experiences and interfaces that both increase user joy, and deliver huge returns on investment. He highlighted a number of impressive solutions which further confirmed ACD’s unparalleled design leadership in the FileMaker community.

ACD President, David Knight, is also no stranger to the podium. He served as the panel moderator at the city of Burbank’s first ever “Economic Summit”. The packed house included the mayor, city council members, business leaders, and state and local government officials. David lead an esteemed and diverse panel of executives from Disney, Warner Brothers, and other top Burbank companies in lively discussions. He orchestrated probing and important conversations about new innovations, changing trends, and revolutionary industries that continue to appear in Southern California’s unique ecosystem.Growing Community

Our “Year of Growth” theme also extended to the technical community at large. The famous “FileMaker Developers in Southern California” (FMDiSC) celebrated its 20-year Anniversary last year! Started in 1999 by David Knight, the initial group of five members became not only the largest, but one of the most respected developer groups in the world. It continues to provide free business and technical content to the thriving Los Angeles FileMaker community, and has provided tens of thousands of dollars in charitable donations to the Bresee Youth Center, where the meetings are held.

Growing Our Giving

And last, but certainly not least, we’ve lent support to the growth of others, through our philanthropy. ACD provided the non-profit group, “Women Innovating Together” with the largest donation in the organization’s history. This vibrant group helps support the growth of female FileMaker Developers through scholarships, mentorships, and event sponsorships. We feel that supporting the women of our industry, through this institution’s efforts, helps everyone in our close-knit and thriving community.

Think we’re done?


We have a stack of other agenda items coming in 2020:

  • New logo
  • New website
  • New social media/blog activities
  • New, exciting technology platforms/capabilities
  • New service offerings for our customers
  • New/updated additions to our product line
  • New profiles featuring our customers, staff, and favorite new tech
  • New partners, clients, and challenges!

It’s 2020…we’re just getting started!

Happy New Year!