Give your small business software the same knockout features that the heavyweights have. At Angel City Data, we love snapping small tools onto existing solutions to provide a strong impact. Make a statement by telling the big guys you belong in their weight-class.

Here are some popular options to inject more power into your current Claris FileMaker or other business software system.


Telegraph your punches.

Remote work is a challenge of today. How can you quickly telegraph information to your important clients, staff, and vendors when everyone is scattered? Adding a texting feature to your system shortens your reaction time, improves your accuracy, and increases your speed. Whether you want to send out a special offer or check the availability of a job, integrated texting has the ability to transport a small business to the big ring.

Common Examples:
  • Text caregivers and families updates on patient health status
  • Automatically text customers periodic order updates
  • Instantly text-blast all parents about new changes to a classroom schedule
  • Assign support requests by texting/receiving staff availability updates

Send. Receive. Alert.


Stop the fight.

Teams are fighting with unmanageable filing systems, whether sitting on a desk or stuffed in a cabinet. For a scattered team, these documents become inaccessible which is unacceptable. Cloud-based file systems like Dropbox or similar are great for storage and access, but require that you spend hours creating folders, generating naming rules, and performing clunky searches. What if you could just drag a file onto a client or project record and have your system “auto-magically” create a handy, clickable link in seconds? Don’t give into the endless paper fight. Hook a system that is both efficient and automatic.

Store. Share. Protect.


Know the score.

Remote teams make it harder to know “What’s up?”. One way to stay connected and gain visibility is by adding a “Job Log” to your workflows. A Job Log will create a time-stamped history of everything important that happens in and on your jobs and projects. New quote? We see it. Parts have arrived? Let’s go! Work completed? Contact the customer! A Job Log can create a scrolling list of updates that will keep you and your team informed, organized, and accountable.

Connected. Coordinated. Productive.


Invoicing making you punchy?

Many small businesses get beaten up at billing time. Don’t throw in the towel! Adding an integrated billing system like Bill.com allows you to track and send invoices easier, get paid faster, and eliminate redundant data entry. Simplify your billing procedures like invoicing, payments, and approval with a secure financial workflow that ties directly into your system. Get off the ropes and back in the ring.

Smart. Secure. Swift.

Win. By decision.

Sharpen your competitive edge by tacking on small tools that allow you to punch above your weight class. With Angel City Data in your corner, you can go toe-to-toe with the big guys using these high-value/low-cost additions.


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