At the 2018 PauseOnError Conference in New Orleans, Angel City Data President, David Knight, presented a series of curated videos, featuring interviews with expert developers from the FileMaker developer community. This behind-the-scenes look at the tools and practices of these virtuoso developers is an intimate view into the habits…and habitats of some of the smartest, quirkiest and most interesting FileMaker developers in the world.

Todd Geist.
Lights! Camera! Dogs!

Todd has an interesting balance of Hollywood film tricks, cutting-edge development tools and furry co-workers to help him get things accomplished.

Colleen Hammersley
Software and Snow!

Colleen develops software surrounded by beautiful forests, often covered in snow. Just don’t talk to her during business hours…

Jonn Howell
Flight Control Center!

Jonn never met a computer or monitor that he didn’t need. His rig is quite impressive!

David Knight
Turn The Music Up!

Former record producer turned software developer. Does that mean we have to turn the music down? Not exactly…

Ernest Koe
Strip Mall Developer

Ernest can work anywhere…and be good at it.

Bob Shockey
Airplanes And Art.

What’s all that buzzing sound in the office? It’s either an airplane or a guitar amp.

John Sindelar
Coding…In A Van, Down By The River.

Laptop, Van, Beach, Dogs. John’s got everything he needs to code.

Chiyoko Yoshida
Minimal Bandwidth, Maximum Scenery.

Just like the pioneer coders of the old West, Chiyoko throws down with the sagebrush and snakes.

Martha Zink
Pajama Nomad

She’s in PJ’s on the couch. Or kicking it, coding on the back patio. Or downtown at the office. Regardless, you can bet she’s comfortable.

We’re glad you’ve visited these videos and hope they’ve inspired the FileMaker Development Community as much as they have the team at Angel City Data.