There is buzz within the Claris FileMaker Community about, “join::table”. What is a join::table? Is it a technical term or an organization? The short answer is: it’s both. Let us explain.

In geek-speak, a “join table” is a way of matching one group or “table” of data to another. The other version of  join::table is a fantastic organization that shares some of this principle. They “join” one group of people to to another. They do this by acting as a match-maker, pairing up interested FileMaker developers with needful non-profits and schools. The non-profits apply for a pro-bono project, and pre-screened FileMaker developers volunteer to be matched with the organizations in need. We like to think of join::table as “brokers, with hearts”.

To date, join::table has over 225 volunteers with over 6,000 pledged hours per month, and growing. Their volunteers come from 32 countries and work on projects around the globe, from the United States, South Africa, Belgium, and Myanmar to name a few. It’s remarkable how many worthy causes worldwide join::table has been able to help through their technological assistance. The developers they attract to their team all share a similar passion; to give back to their communities and share their gifts. Recently, join::table’s efforts have earned them recognition by one of the largest developer communities around the world. At the 2020 Claris Engage Conference, they were bestowed the “Community Excellence/Leadership” award. This recognition is noteworthy as Claris develops, supports and markets the FileMaker Platform that is used by over 50 thousand developers worldwide. 

2022 Community Excellence Award- Community Leadership for Development presented to the team at Join::Table

Angel City Data has long been a support system to a number of philanthropic organizations and groups. This is why we’re thrilled that our own Director of Design, Jake Johnson, has been tapped for a leadership position at join::table. Jake will be contributing by connecting volunteer developers around the world with various humanitarian groups.

Jake Johnson has been known in the Claris FileMaker community to put empathy first. It shows up not only in his interactions with his team and clientele, but can also be seen in his intuitive designs for the end user. As a panelist at the Claris Engage Conference in 2020, Jake said “small things can solve big problems”. join::table epitomizes this spirit, with their small collection of developers who help solve big problems for organizations in need.

“I’ve always been really passionate about helping other helpers. Doing good and empowering those who wish to do good is how I was raised, and it’s a huge part of who I am. I’m thrilled to be part of such an outstanding organization and hope to bring meaningful impact to communities who need it most.”

At ACD we support our team in their outside endeavors, especially when they are giving back to the world in which we all belong. We pride ourselves on cultivating an impeccable crew where each individual not only has great talent but also provides great support whether it be for their team or their community. We believe in being good, vital members within the community and continue to strive to raise the bar. As join::table says, “we are saving the world, one database at a time”.

Want to make a difference? Get involved.