Faster, More Robust Web Applications & Integrations
FileMaker WebDirect allows your system to be published to the web, so anybody with a browser can access your applications. This latest version improves the performance and response of your applications over previous versions. It also allows these “web applications” to access third-party plug-ins, which can extend your solutions with things like credit card processing, email integration and other modern features. Specific attention to all the various “engines” behind the scene have made this version faster and more efficient. We’ve already started adding WebDirect to a number of our customers with client-facing applications.

Let us know if you’d like to see some in action.

FileMaker Server Compatible with the Latest Mac M1 chips
Want to throw your FileMaker Server onto one of those shiny new Macs, sporting the hot new M1 chip?  Go for it! FileMaker Server now consists of universal macOS installers, which take advantage of the advanced capabilities of Mac computers with Apple silicon, and yet are still compatible on Intel-based Mac servers. Speaking of speed, did you HEAR how we massively sped up a legacy application that 3 other developers couldn’t improve?

<cracking knuckles>

Yeah, we got game. Contact us if you’d like to see more performance from your applications.

Apple M1 Chip
Claris logo + Tux, the penguin character and the official brand character of the Linux kernel.
New Linux Capabilities
FileMaker Server 19.1.3 is now compatible with the wildly popular Ubuntu Linux OS. This enables potentially faster and cheaper hardware for your FileMaker Servers. The FileMaker Data Migration Tool, used for moving data from one version of a system to another, is also compatible on Linux. For Linux-based organizations, these are welcome additions.

Better Server Administrator Logging & Controls
FileMaker Server now provides easier access to its logs, which show administrators and developers a list of events that are happening on your applications. This can make it easier to spot errors, performance issues, client statistics, and possible security breaches. There are also configuration options for your FileMaker Server that can be controlled more easily in this latest release, preventing your server team from having to memorize complex “command line” entries to quickly make changes or integrate your FileMaker system with other systems.

p.s. Let ACD know if you’d like us to review YOUR server logs. It’s wise to review your logs every so often to spot good (and bad) things that are happening on your server.

Security Enhancements
Folks have been hacking pipelines, power lines, and meat packing facilities?!? OMG, what’s next, your FileMaker Server? Not if Claris can help it. Like everything these days, attention to security is no longer a “set-it-and-forget-it” story. Continual attention and improvement in this area helps the good folks stay ahead of the bad. This latest release fixes a number of vulnerabilities and improves configuring and monitoring your FileMaker security much easier. Whew!

This latest version also removes a host of various and sometimes obscure bugs and irritants that happen in any software product. Here’s one example:

“When sharing via ODBC/JDBC was enabled, clients incorrectly received error 805 (“File is damaged; use Recover command”).”

<eyes glazing over>

What evs. But fewer bugs at our picnics or in our software is always a good thing, right? There are dozens of these geeky issues, but trust me things like a faster/better installation process, better performance, and fewer unexplained crashes have all been addressed. A full list of all changes in this release is <here>.

In short, this version is simply,

“Mo Better!”

Let Angel City Data know if you need a deeper understanding of any of these, or if you’d like to address any of the capabilities or improvements mentioned above.

Bug and wrench