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Illuminating A Path To Vision Care

The UCLA Jules Stein Eye Institute stands as a beacon of excellence in ophthalmology, driving groundbreaking research, education, and patient care. This world-class institute consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation in eye care, with scientists working tirelessly to unravel the complexities of vision disorders and find new therapeutic avenues to share with the world.
The software tracking challenges facing this prestigious organization were multifaceted, branching clearly between both patient care and deep scientific research on eye diseases and treatments, allowing data to be shared as new conditions and treatments are being uncovered. The team at Angel City Data was fully focused on meeting the institute’s needs.
Working together, we designed a system that handles the tasks needed by any busy medical facility like patient details, medical history, scheduling, visits, insurance tracking, and other typical needs. To help support the deeper research of their cases, we also tracked detailed patient surveys, multiple diagnoses, and the full gamut of treatment procedures performed. One of the unique features we added was an image library, capturing detailed photographs of a patient’s condition over time. This included a side-by-side viewer, making it easy for doctors to compare the eyes pre and post treatment.
The system captures an immense amount of data points on the clinical side through their surveys, diagnoses, treatments, and results. This wide and deep analysis can be used to help further identify and treat devastating eye diseases and help educate and train the next generation of eye care professionals.
Angel City is proud of its collaboration with the UCLA Jules Stein Eye Institute, helping them continue to shine as a transformative force in the world of ophthalmology.