Earth Day 2020 reminds us that we each have our individual responsibilities to preserve and cherish our planet. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered an immediate response to slow down our daily lives, and in most cases, bring it to a halt. I’ve written this brief entry while working from home. My car, once utilized to commute daily, has been sitting in the driveway for 5-6 weeks now. Not only has the smog in Los Angeles evaporated significantly, but other cities across the globe have seen a similar benefit. It appears there are some silver linings to this quarantine after all.

As Mother Earth smiles at all of us for this welcome change, businesses too can experience unexpected benefits from this new reality. Not only from the reduction of their carbon footprint, but also from reducing inefficiencies, resources, and costs.

During this time of transition and reinvention, businesses should evaluate if their current systems provide maximum efficiency — whether from home or the office. Here at Angel City Data we’re more than developers. We’re experts at spotting and fixing stubborn bottlenecks, reducing reliance on paper, and automating manual tasks.

Claris Connect is one of the tools we use to help our clients’ programs act as one. It allows colleagues to share data, alerts, emails, and other vital information as if they were all using a single application.

Collaborating with Angel City Data to identify and remedy the above issues can boost team productivity, either from within the company headquarters or from a makeshift home office.

When your business reduces its paper, inefficiencies, and other resources, it not only becomes more eco-friendly, it can generate a rapid return on investment and reduce ongoing operating costs.

Looking around at these lovely blue skies and empty freeways, I’m encouraged by what these changes are bringing. As we celebrate the Earth today, let’s welcome the unexpected improvements to our environment. Let’s also be mindful of the big and small impacts we create and their effect on the future of not only our businesses, but on our day-to-day lives.