Exhaust-ing Habits

Paper-based tasks slowed cleaning job coordination

Speed FTW!

Less driving + higher efficiency = Faster Everything.


Mobile phones get real-time client & job updates

Removing Business Buildup

Bryan Exhaust is a fantastic company charged with the professional cleaning of greasy buildup in restaurant kitchens. When Angel City Data met Bryan Exhaust they had some workflow build-up of their own. They needed to improve their processes related to estimates, scheduling, work orders, and more. Angel City Data’s team jumped in to help lead this digital transformation. Not only did we reduce their reliance on paper with a custom-built Claris FileMaker app, but we also automated their processes and streamlined their services. A key ingredient of this effort was the tailored mobile app for their technicians, allowing them to acquire their work orders in-app without physically driving to the office. In the words of the Bryan Exhaust team, having their system integrate with Claris FileMaker has made their entire team “…more efficient and more productive”. We can help remove workflow build-up from your business with a clean and sleek system from Angel City Data.

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A Squeaky-Clean Success!